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Why Don't We Start a Business? It'll Be Fun, She Said!

Are you a business owner? Know one or wanna be one? If o

About two years ago, my sister Marsha called. She calls every day, so while this wasn't unusual, the conversation was game-changing. "Hey," she said, "I have an idea. We're creative. We're smart. We have what it takes. Why don't we start our own business?"

"We" included Marsha, my twin, my sister Christine, and myself. She paused just long enough for the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up. "Besides," she continued, "You owned your own business for 11 years."

That should have been a Big Red Flag. Precisely: eleven years of managing inventory, shipping, invoices, deliveries, customer service and, quite frankly, stress. On the other hand, almost a dozen years of learning, growing, building, succeeding and celebrating. It's sort of like having kids: when you're in your 23rd hour of labor, about to deliver your first child, you're thinking, "Oh my God! This is nuts! I am never doing this again!"

A few years later, the pain is mostly forgotten or (intentionally blocked out). You're so wrapped up in the parenting experience, so enamored of your responsibility and the gift of your child, you find yourself in the exact same place, delivering Child #2. "Oh my God!" you think. "I can't believe I'm actually doing this again!"

The childbirth analogy wasn't lost on me. Having a business, in so many ways--big and small--is akin to having a child. You know nothing, at first. All you have is hope, and of course, love. You're not big on self confidence but you're completely committed to success. You do what it takes, and discover truths about yourself along the way. Some good, some not so great. Nevertheless, the journey is definitely worth it, and you'd do it again.

All this crossed my mind in the two minutes it took the synapses in my brain to process her suggestion. I said "Yes! Count me in."

Long story short, in December 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to take the plunge, and MCM Designs was born. We pooled our resources: Marsha and Christine did most of the design and sewing, and I did the majority of the sales & marketing, website and social media. We had a great first year, a better one after that and we're planning on blowing it out of the water in 2022, incorporating festival events and shows, as well as increasing Facebook LIVE events, to our repertoire.

Like any other family or business or family business, we've had our share of ups and downs. But the ups outweigh the downs because we ARE family, and we are strong, determined women. We appreciate every single thing about each other and continue to learn about ourselves and you, our customers.

Just like kids, our business is growing! You are our prime focus and we want to know what you like, what you'd like to see, and most importantly, we'd love know what your favorites are. We'd especially like to see photos of our bags being used in your daily life. So, send 'em in! We can be reached at:

Thanks so much and stay tuned!


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